Why this site has been inactive and…

As you have noticed I haven’t been active on this site at all. Why? Thanks for asking!

The post “Can someone be happy without Christ?” was a pretty stupid post and it just threw me off course somewhat…The answer is yes! Of course people can and are happy without Jesus. I was. I was having the time of my life surfing, partying all the time, I mean stoned all day and everyday and drunk every night and doing cocaine and speed all the time.

It eventually did take its toll on my mind and body however and I got over it. I recommitted my life to the Lord December 28th, 1981 on a plane to Hawaii. The key word here is “recommitted”.  I was raised in a Christian home and at a young age given my heart to the Lord and had a real love for Him.

I backslid or fell away from the Lord like a lot of kids do. But because I at one time knew the Lord and the true joy in Him and praying parents, like the prodigal son I “recommitted” my life to Him.

I was “happy” doing what I was doing for a season…

The post, “Can someone be happy without Christ”, was written of course from a Christian perspective. Duh! It should have been titled, “Can a backsliden Christian be happy without Christ?” And to that question I think the answer is No.

Why? Well, if you are a Christian, a person who realizes/knows that God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life. That your sin has separated you from God. That Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for our sin. That through Him we can know and experience God’s love and plan for our life and that we must individually accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord…if you know this and have done this then you know the answer to the second question is No.

But if you have never known the Lord the answer to the post, “Can someone be happy without Christ” is Yes Of Course! And I agree with you. The title or post was to be a little controversial and it was.

The following is a comment by someone to that article and I will do my best to reply to it hear.  The person has some good points and was very gracious in her comment and it is on the comment section of that post. Here is part of it. “Many people believe that Christianity is fear based. That quote, “Believers” are taught to feel guilt and fear and this is what dictates their  daily lives, not sinning as the fear of going to hell and missing out on going to heaven is too grave.”

Unfortunately this is true to some Christians and it is really unfortunate that those who are not believers think this! I can understand how one thinks this though But it’s not how it is.  And it really sucks for someone to teach or betray this because it is not the truth.

Fear is the opposite of faith. It’s all about How much He loves us. Yes we are to love Him with all our heart but if someone doesn’t know how much He loves and accepts them for who they are and how they are then there is that element of fear and condemnation.

Again, it’s all about His love, His grace. For God so loved…you, that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him.

The comment also said, “that when people have an emptiness in their lives, that they often turn to religion. Its all just a matter of needing something to believe in and something to love. People will always seek purpose in their lives. And you can find that outside of religion as well as inside…each to their own!”

There is truth in her comment. Some people turn to ‘religion’. Some turn to alcohol. Some turn to TV 24/7. Some turn to being a workaholic…I mean the list can go on and on.  Not all people will always seek purpose in their lives however, but one can find purpose in or outside of religion. I personally hate religion! Religions focus on don’t do this, or don’t do that, or you have to do good deeds to make it etc.

This whole post is a reply to her comment. I hope I am doing her comment justice. I agree too that one should live their life dictated by love, for actions to come from love.  I believe that she is happy and I am happy for her! I don’t want anyone to live a bummed out life. I know a lot of happy, fulfilled people who are not Christians!  I also respect anyone’s beliefs, and am open minded enough to realize that there is not one answer for everyone in regards to quote being happy with or without God…there is however only one answer when it comes to salvation and that is believing in and accepting what God did for humanity. Here is a excellent resource or article on that:


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3 Responses to “Why this site has been inactive and…”

  1. Tina Herz says:

    Nice, Nice, Very well done… I love finding people online who are “not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ” and loves Jesus with a fervency big enough to let the whole world know!
    Grace and Peace to you Friend…
    Keeping rocking the web with Beautiful words of Salvation to enlighten the hearts of those who will hear!

    In Him forever more!

  2. Kima says:

    I believe that you responded to the comments with careful detail and with an open mind and good perspective! Very real, true, and grace giving! You definitely have a gift to listen and a gift to speak with understanding.

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