Can someone be “happy” without Christ?

What is this “abundant life” that Jesus spoke of all about?

I was talking with a young man about six months who was struggling in his faith and as a matter of fact is now not walking with the Lord really at all…at least his lifestyle shows no evidence or fruit of walking with the Lord.
He said, “You know, it seems that anyone who has become a Christian did so because they were super depressed, bummed out on life or just allowed their partying to get out of control but I’m stoked on life, I’m one of the happiest care-free guys on earth!”

Do you know someone like this? And, how can you reach someone like this to lead them to the Lord? What do you think?

How can we witness to happy people who see no need of a Savior? If one doesn’t know their lost then they don’t know they need to be saved, right? (below is a link Friends don’t let friends go to Hell which gives a good teaching on sharing your faith with your ‘happy friends’).

I do think that someone can be “happy” with out Christ. What do you think? But it doesn’t erase the fact that they are separated from God and going to hell does it? Bound. Lost. Separated.
The abundant life that Jesus spoke of goes deeper than being happy. It doesn’t mean that we walk around with constant smile on our faces living life with no problems or struggles, skipping through the daisies on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

As you give your total self to God, God gives His total self to you. That is the supreme message of the Bible. Inherent in God’s “total self” of His own Person is true Bible based prosperity, and above all His prosperity brings eternal life. Stop to think about it. What else is there worth having?!

So both Christians and non-Christians can be happy but when you surrender your total self to the Lord the “happy” takes on a whole new meaning. It’s a purpose greater than ourselves. I like what Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke said: We becomeĀ  what we were born to be only when we are born again through faith in Christ Jesus, who said, “If the Son (Jesus) makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

In this freedom is the abundant life, way deeper than “happy.”

Friends don’t let friends go to Hell

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13 Responses to “Can someone be “happy” without Christ?”

  1. Oscar says:

    (This is not a direct reply to Danny)
    “so stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

    I hear similar sentiments all around me. Family, friends, TV, advertisements, everywhere. This idea that life is all about enjoying yourself and making yourself happy seems to have saturated our culture.

    Sounds good in a song or on a tshirt, but is that really the focus of our lives? What if what makes you happy is to steal, or kill, or abuse others? Well, of course I’m sure no one would agree to that form of happiness. Well what if you decide to spend your days indulging in pornography. Some would say, “it’s a free country”, or “as long as you’re not hurting anyone”. I’m sure there are many marriage counselors and children of broken marriages that can attest to the damage pornography has had on families in this country.

    I’m no different, I could find happiness a few mouse clicks away, or in a strip club, or in a bottle. If I follow the desires of my heart, they seem to always lead me towards death (either literally, emotionally, or speaking of my relationships).

    I’d offer to the readers, that perhaps it shouldn’t be happiness that we pursue, but instead, to do what is right. Thirst and hunger after righteousness. You’d be amazed at the happiness you might find, the life that springs up around through your relationships and what God provides. Of course this is not a guarantee for a happy life (read my post above), but just a chance to offer thanks to God when He does provide an opportunity for happiness on this broken and chaotic planet of ours.

    Of course to gain everlasting life and an afterlife full of happiness, there is but one way (as un-pc as that may sound), and that is through God’s son. Trusting in Jesus as the man who can save you from judgement will allow God to wash away your sins and leave you righteous before Him. A gift from God, that is why we celebrate Christmas.

    Sorry for the long post. Have a merry Christmas and to all the believers out there, I encourage us all to use this season as an opportunity to share the gospel.
    .-= Oscar´s last blog ..Wildly Successful Origins Giveaway =-.

    • Alan says:

      Hey Oscar Thanks.
      I am in total agreement with you! Advice taken. The purpose of the title and word “happy” was to spark some interest and trying to reach people who focus on that etc. and ultimately get them to start focusing on the Lord. That’s why I included a link to the livingwaters website hoping they would go there and go deeper.
      Thanks again. You I believe have done just that!

  2. gloria says:

    I do not believe that you could ever say for sure who would live happier lives, christians or non believers. Every single case is different. Everybody unique. If the man says he is truly happy in his heart, he is happy and happiness is not needing or wanting for anything. I find that it is deffinitely the case that when people have an emtiness in their lives, thats when they often turn to religion. Its all just a matter of needing something to believe in and something to love. People will always seek purpose in their lives. And you can find that outside religion as well as inside…each to their own!

    Happiness comes from love in your heart, as they say “all you need is love”. I find the christian religion completely fear based. Believers are taught to feel guilt and fear and this is what dictates their daily lives. Not sinning as the fear of going to Hell and missing out on heaven is too grave.

    Well I believe in the opposite of this. I believe that one should live their lives dictated by love. For actions to come from love. For right and wrong to be decided through the love of ones heart. This is how i choose to live, and with the most loving supporting family and friends one could ever hope for, i can tell you now, with all my being i know that this is what happiness is to me. Believe me when i say i have been “lost” and now i am “saved” as you say, just not by the means in which you believe. And if i live my truth and live with love, this is what makes me happy. Does it challenge you that this man may truley be happy without god? I respect anyones beliefs, but am open minded enough to realise that there is not one answer for everyone. Happiness to me means someone to love, something to do with meaning and something to look forward too!!!! I hope everyone can find the happiness they deserve.

    • Alan says:

      Hi Gloria,
      Thanks for your comment! and so sorry it’s taken me forever to reply. I just did a new post replying to it.
      It’s the post dated today, “Why this site has been inactive and…”

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and heart here.

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